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Reducing the emissions of urban logistics

Zero-carbon urban mobility
19 Sep 2024
Clock 14 : 00 - 15 : 30 CEST
Location Online
By Platform
a man picking a parcel in front of a white van.

With an ever-increasing number of deliveries to households and businesses, arising from an increase in online commerce, cities are struggling with increased emissions and congestion from a rising number of delivery vehicles.

Urban Consolidation Centres and low-carbon last mile delivery schemes can help cities to overcome this, but these approaches require new uses of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), new infrastructure investments, and models of collaboration between private and public sector.

This webinar will explore several successful case studies arising from Interreg Europe projects, focusing mainly on SPOTLOG and ZCI. SPOTLOG have a dedicated focus on this issue and have already provided a number of good practices, while ZCI have arranged a masterclass on urban logistics



What you can expect

Keynote speech on Reducing Emissions in Logistics & Providing Last-Mile Deliveries by Jorge Bandeira, University of Aveiro, Portugal, and lead partner for SPOTLOG project. 

Good practices:  

  • Presentation on the partnership between Lille and La Poste - SPOTLOG project. - TBC 
  • City Hubs and Consolidation Centres by Giuliano Mingardo and Merten Nefs, UPT Erasmus (ZCI Project)

There will be time for questions and answers, and for open discussions on key challenges and opportunities in the field of urban logistics.