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Preventing academic dropout and boosting employment rates

Labour market and employment
Education and lifelong learning
28 - 30 Nov 2023
Clock 09 : 00 - 16 : 00 CET
Location In person
By Platform
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From 28-30 November 2023, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting a peer review together with La Réunion.


The main challenges...
  • Preventing and mitigating school and academic dropout rates
  • Fostering the employment rate of young people

La Réunion is facing a high dropout rate, with 2,500-4,500 students aged 16 or older leaving school without certification each year. The dropout rate is influenced by various factors, including social climate, family structure, health issues, and academic challenges.

This situation affects the availability of motivated and qualified workers for local SMEs and stifles the region's potential for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Efforts have been made to address this issue, with measures divided into preventive and post-dropout actions.

  • Preventive measures include dropout prevention groups, personalized support, training, and internships in high schools.
  • Post-dropout actions involve the reception, monitoring, and reintegration of dropouts through networks and support platforms.

Despite progress, challenges remain, and the region is considering additional policies to promote entrepreneurial spirit, social mobility, talent development, and collaboration with the private sector for training and integration programs. 

The regional council is therefore looking for a new outlook on the matter of academic educational resilience and the actions that can: 

  • Promote personal and professional pathways for the benefit of the island’s development
  • Support actions to lower the dropout rate without a certification
  • Trigger entrepreneurial thinking and support talent development 

The event is by invite only. The key learnings will be shared afterward. 

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