Research & Innovation

About 85% of productivity growth in advanced economies is driven by innovation. For this reason, Interreg Europe is aiming to support sustainable growth that is increasingly related to the capacity of regional economies to innovate, transform and adapt to challenges.

Through our Research and Innovation (R&I) theme, Interreg Europe fosters exchange of experience, capacity building and networking aimed at achieving the ‘smart growth’ envisioned in the Europe 2020 strategy and specifically in the EU Innovation Union flagship. Smart growth relies on high quality research and innovation stemming from advanced, modern infrastructure, adequate skills, capacities and entrepreneurial drive. This infrastructure might be related to science & technology parks, technology and competence centres, accelerators, financial instruments etc. but the key to regional competitiveness is to develop R&I excellence within that infrastructure and to turn it into results to be used by regional entrepreneurs and companies. Both public funding and policymakers’ vision are instrumental to achieving this objective.

But innovation leadership is at its best through delivery - getting enterprises to invest in R&I, entrepreneurial talents to turn the research results into new business opportunities, creating links and synergies through collaboration and clustering approaches, to promote use of R&D results, open innovation and contribute to smart specialisation. Support for early product validation and pilot lines, as well as of advanced manufacturing capabilities, is also needed.

The level of cooperation needed to trigger innovation can only be achieved through better knowledge about each other’s strengths and trust-based co-investments among key actors within and outside the infrastructure.

Through the Interreg Europe R&I Policy Learning Platform, regions can learn from each other how to reach individual excellence and leverage on entrepreneurial talents for the common benefit of Europe.

Get Inspired

Interreg Europe is the follow-up programme for INTERREG IVC. Between 2007 and 2014 INTERREG IVC set the cogwheels of interregional cooperation in motion and gathered a lot of knowledge throughout the 204 financed projects. Get inspiration for your project proposal from the INTERREG IVC policy recommendations!