In October, the TCPA represented the PERFECT project at European Week of Regions and Cities 2017 in Brussels. This proved to be an excellent opportunity to promote the work of the PERFECT project to a wider audience and to gather information and ideas for the development of PERFECT’s database of good practices, the ‘MAGIC (Multi-Advantages of Green Infrastructure in Cities) Matrix’.

The first workshop attended was hosted by Interreg Europe and this introduced the Policy Learning Platform which has recently been launched. The group was then split into the four themes of Interreg Europe; there was engaging discussion within the Environment and Resource Efficiency group and some excellent good practices were presented. Delegates then learnt about the good practice database that will be hosted on the Policy Learning Platform. The PERFECT project is aiming to have many of their identified good practices featured on this database.

The afternoon workshop was hosted by URBACT; learning about their network of good practices, and hearing presentations from some specific case studies, was very valuable for feeding into the development of the MAGIC Matrix.

In particular, it was useful to find out about the four criteria that URBACT good practices must fulfil in order to become a validated: 

  1.  Integrated approach;
  2. Participative approach;
  3. Evidence that the practice has brought positive results locally;
  4. Transferability of the practice to other cities.

These ideas will certainly be useful for the next stages of the PERFECT project. The learning from the event was shared with partners in a peer to peer webinar held in early November.