Cornwall Council, a PERFECT partner, has created a new way to help communities grow their environment by launching a seed fund to provide a starting point for fund raising to pay for environmental growth project ideas.

The purpose of the new Grow Nature Seed Fund is to support small-scale projects that help create more space for nature in towns and villages across Cornwall and contribute to the delivery of the ambitious Cornwall Environmental Growth Strategy (2015-2065).

This recognises that all communities need to look for new opportunities to reverse the decline in many of our once common species, such as hedgehogs and bumble-bees. Even small changes in and around local green space, verges, scout halls, cricket pitches or play areas can collectively help to restore and revitalise nature so that it can support us into the future.

Cornwall Council, Crowdfunder and the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty have joined forces to support similar local projects from ‘Not for profit’ organisations that contribute to the delivery of Environmental Growth anywhere in Cornwall. Up to £500 is available for each eligible project and there is an opportunity to double the money through the new Crowdfund Cornwall platform.

Priority will be given to schemes that result in tangible examples of environmental growth, for example new habitats or an increase in the health of native wildlife. Funded projects must deliver a clear and demonstrable benefit to the natural environment. Examples include supporting projects such as:

  • Conversion or restoration of community greenspace to wildlife habitat: community orchards, ponds, wildflower meadows/verges, native hedges, street trees or woodlands ;
  • Environmental improvements to a community centre or village hall grounds: installation of bee bricks, bug hotels, swift boxes, nest boxes, tree planting;
  • Coastal and marine projects: no anchor zones, initiatives to reduce single use plastics;
  • Local wildlife training and monitoring schemes;
  • Schemes to reduce invasive species, litter, noise or light pollution in the environment, including coastal areas and on the water;
  • Environmental aspects of a heritage restoration scheme;
  • Initiatives to help local people to connect with their environment;
  • Activities which encourage people to grow nature and increase the public understanding and enjoyment of wildlife and heritage. 

For more information on Crowdfunding the Grow Nature Seed Fund please go to: or grow-nature