Femern Belt Development has produced the Fehmarn Belt action plan with the involvement of Kreis Ostholstein, the Fehmarnbelt Committee, and local stakeholders such as municipalities, tourist attractions and transport enterprises from the Fehmarnbelt Region.
The action plan aims at enabling local population on both shores to meet across the strait with low-carbon means of transportation: People meet across the Fehmarnbelt and generate less CO2!
Germany and Denmark are already working on a fixed link to ease the crossing of the strait and make cities from both sides closer. Fehmarnbelt action plan got inspiration from good practices selected through PASSAGE project and experiences from European partners to build a strategy to benefit from this fixed link, but without neglecting the low-carbon transition.
Based on the above, this action plan will focus on getting more people to use public transport in the Fehmarnbelt Region. The action plan is divided in 5 complementary projects:
Project 1: New stations;
Project 2: Types of traffic and the new stations on the upgraded railway;
Project 3: Connection between new station and town;
Project 4: Get more people to use the train, new mobility in the Fehmarnbelt Region;
Project 5: Reintroduction of the Fehmarnbelt Ticket.
The added value of the Fehmarnbelt action plan? The transversal objective to create a sense of community for the Fehmarnbelt population.
Do you want to know more? You just have to visit the PASSAGE library and to download the English version of the action plan! Read it, share it and feel free contact us if you have any questions!