The first carbon study produced at the scale of strait territories and evaluating both in-land and maritime CO2 emissions is now available in the library section of PASSAGE website in both English and French.

Produced by I-Care consulting and PASSAGE partners, this study covers the 6 straits of the partnerships. Divided into an introduction, the 6 monographs (one for each strait) and the methodology, this pioneer study is helpful to better understand the stakes at play at strait level, and more broadly on maritime borders, when it comes to low-carbon transition.

For your comfort, the carbon study has been split therefore you can either download the full version or pick the monograph you are interested in namely Dover / Pas de Calais strait, Gulf of Finland, Fehmarn Belt, Corsica Channel, Otranto strait and Corfu strait.

If you are interested by this initiative or just have a few questions about the methodology of this study, feel free to contact us! In the meantime enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to share it around you.

NB: The study was co-funded by Pas-de-Calais County Council and the ERDF in the framework of PASSAGE project. The results of this study are available for free and can be used by anyone – please just quote PASSAGE project and Pas-de-Calais County Council in the credits.