Stakeholders of the Gulf of Finland met at the end of January to share news on Estonian-Finnish projects. PASSAGE project brought to the table the cross-border action plan which is currently being finalised. Several synergies regarding the action plan were found between different projects.

The PASSAGE cross-border stakeholders of the Gulf of Finland met side by side with the FinEst Link steering group in Tallinn on 31 January 2018. Both sides of the strait were present - Harju County and Helsinki-Uusimaa Region.

The cross-border stakeholder action plan seeks for synergies between different transport related projects that are currently being implemented in the region. Low-carbon, smart and innovative are key aspect within these projects. Fehmarn Belt ticket, which is a cross-border public transport ticket between Denmark and Germany, will thus be introduced to the stakeholders of the Gulf of Finland out of the best practices of PASSAGE.

Synergies were also found in the need to renew the Memoradum of Understanding between the Estonian and Finnish stakeholders on the cooperation towards further integration of the two economies. From the PASSAGE point of view, low carbon aspects should be added to the possibly renewed Memoradum of Understanding.

The action plan of the Gulf of Finland will be finalised by the end of the first phase of the project, March 2018. The implementation and monitoring of the action plan will start on the second phase, from April 2018 onwards.