Local stakeholder group of the Gulf of Finland shared news on current projects of the strait at the end of April. PASSAGE project's forthcoming action plan and carbon emission study raised interest among the stakeholders and prospects for further cooperation.

Local stakeholder group of the Gulf of Finland met on 24th April 2017 with representatives from both sides of the strait – from Harju County and Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. The group is organised in parallel to FinEst Link Initiative Secretariat in order to gain synergies between different cross-border projects.

At the moment, the Gulf of Finland hosts several projects besides PASSAGE that are related to transport. FinEst Link project explores the needs in transport between Helsinki and Tallinn in a long-term perspective and carries out a feasibility study whether there are grounds for a sub-sea railway tunnel between the two cities. FinEst Smart Mobility tackles challenge of increasing passenger and traffic flow between Helsinki and Tallinn by piloting intelligent traffic solutions.

Rail Baltica project on the other hand aims to new rail connection from Estonia through Latvia and Lithuania to Central and Western Europe.

There are several interfaces with these projects which gives good grounds for PASSAGE cross-border action plan. Furthermore, carbon emission study which is currently carried out in PASSAGE project, can give valuable information to all projects.