Do you question the capacity of your territory to seize the energy and low-carbon transition by engaging a collective approach? Do you wonder what can be the contribution of the energy transition to a territorial strategy of attractiveness and competitiveness? Join the workshop presented by PASSAGE project partners during the next European Energy Transition Conference!

Through the adventure of the European project PASSAGE, Pas-de-Calais County Council will share its experience of collective mobilization of the actors of its territory, since the construction of a common base of knowledge until the action. A story that begins with the results of a study that show that 17% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by maritime traffic, a finding that confirms the climate impact of this traffic and opens the way to a mobilization actors on a shared finding.

A story that continues to be written in the common desire to build a long-term strategic vision beyond the administrative boundaries of a territory. An original workshop led by a student, which will allow you to exchange and open your perspectives via an innovative approach involving 10 local public authorities at European level around 2 common territorial specificities: the cross-border and maritime dimensions. The singularity of the approach is based on the synergies created between these European territories confronted with similar issues but in very varied local contexts. 


  • Mireille Hingrez-Cereda, Vice-President in charge of Maritime and Metropolitan Coastal Issues, Pas-de-Calais County Council
  • Léo Génin, Environment & Strategy Manager, I-Care & Consult Firm
  • Carmelo Calamia, Head of Community Policy Department, Province of Lecce (Italy)