The Bremen Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports, together with Airbus and Materialize, presented the Bre3D awards: Bremen's 3D printing project awards.
The Bre3D Awards were presented for the first time in Bremen. Awards were given to projects by innovative development teams from Bremen in the fields of economy and research. 

The competition, which Martin Günthner from Bremen's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports had advertised in cooperation with Airbus and Materialize, underlined the development of Bremen as a hotspot of additive manufacturing in Germany and served to promote 3D printing in the region. 
Materialize, a member of the jury and a Bremen-based global leader in 3D printing software and services, produced prizes and donated production capacity credentials to winners in the six major categories.  Awards were presented in the main categories of Materials, Processes, Bionics and Design, Function Integration, Products and Economic Application as well as Startups within the framework of the Bre3D innovation forum.
A special prize was also given in the Education and Training category.

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