Media Mentions in Denmark

Recenlty, the activities of the P2L2 project have been covered in Danish websites. Here are some links provided by our Danish partners which describe the project and its activities from the perspective of our Danish parners:

  • A report on the recent P2L2 Study visit in Bordeaux, France from the Danish Material Network (Article in Danish). It covers the participation of the Danish delegation to the study visit. The delegation consisted of a representative of the Danish Innovation Network (DMN), representatives of the Board of Institutions and Education, the Danish Technological Institute and the innovation network Inno-Pro.
  • Article on the international activities of the Danish clusters and innovation networks (Article in Danish). This article in the website of the Danish Ministry of Education and Reserach includes a report on the participation of the Danish delegation in the Bordeaux study visit and a report on the P2L2 Study visit in Aarhus, Denmark in June 2017.
  • Article by Jens Christiansen, Section Leader, Danish Technological Institute, describing the partnership of the Ministry of Education and Research and the P2L2 Project and what it means for the Danish innovation system (Article in Danish 1,2)