Slovenian stakeholders of P-IRIS Regional Stakeholder Group met on 5th October 2017 in Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia. The meeting was organized by Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia.

Good practices from study visits in Norway and Spain were presented to participants, especially Fosshaugane Campus in Sogndal, Stryn Bussiness Garden and spanish good practices in the field of rural innovation systems in Burgos province. The Slovenian stakeholder meeting was organized in cooperation with projects TRINNO (Interreg Europe programme) and D-STIR (Danube International programme) in which Developemnt Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is also taking part as a partner.  

The next P-IRIS study visit will take place in Rijeka, Croatia in December 2017, stakeholders were invited to participate at the event. Process of mapping was also discussed at the meeting. The core of P-IRIS is to professionalise innovation networks. Partners cannot fully understand each others context without also learning what innovative tools the regional system has available.