OECD organised a seminar on linking rural definitions, policy and coordinated rural development in Warsaw, Poland 7 April 2017. Manager of International Affairs in Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia, Anne Sormunen presented OECD Territorial Review results and recommendations for Northern Sparcely Populated Areas of Nordic countries.

Also, P-Iris was presented as a relevant case of European Interreg Project for boosting employment for higly educated young people and supporting innovation system for rural areas. Project scope received good response from the audience and discussion was vivid on potential outcomes of the project, actions to be taken during the project and best practices to be shared. Audience agreed that the theme and purpose of the P-Iris project is relevant also to Poland rural areas and within larger European arena. Rural areas in general suffer from ageing population, decreasing birth ratio and young people moving to growing urban areas or bigger cities. Increasing growht and wellbeing is crucially important for rural areas in the future.