The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa presented the project “OUR WAY – Preservation and Promotion of Cultural and Natural Heritage through Greenways” under the Interreg Europe Program. The program is funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund at the Launching conference, held on 29.11.2018 in Vratsa.

During the conference was presented the project partners: Government of Murcia, Spain; Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Vratsa, Bulgaria; Murcia Region Institute of Tourism, Spain; Northern and Western Regional Assembly, Ireland; Podkarpackie Region, Poland; Department Council of Herault, France; Hajdu-Bihar Country Government, Hungary and European Greenways Association, Belgium. Duration of the project: 54 months.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the preservation, protection, and development of the natural and cultural heritage through the so called “Greenways” and the improvement of the political tools related to the cultural and natural heritage of the territories that the project covers.

Main activities include: analysis of environmental policy studies, identification of best practices and establishment of a stakeholders working group, selection of good practices to be transferred/exchanged in the project regions, design of regional plans for action, implementation of the action plan in each region, exchange of results among partners, stakeholders, beneficiaries and others.

As a final result, six national policies have to be improved in connection to 18 good practices identified as well as six action plans to be elaborated, the implementation of which shall contribute to the utilization of the natural and cultural heritage of each of the regions included in the project.