In 4th July 2018, the Ourway team met in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia and visited the Greenway Vía del Noroeste in Caravaca de la Cruz (Spain). 

In the introduction to the Greenway of the Northwest of the Region the Manager explained the partners about the challenges and current situation of its development, sharing and exchanging information on the different approaches to overcome the under-exploitation of this valuable resource. 

After the wellcome statements begun the partner presentations.

  • 1st Presentation. Murcia Region Institute of Tourism. Lead Partner of the Project. Spain 
  •  2nd Presentation. Northern and Western Regional Assembly. Ireland 
  • 3rd Presentation.  Podkarpackie Region. Poland 
  • 4th Presentation.  Departamental Council of Herault. France 
  • 5th Presentation. Hajdú-Bihar County Government. Hungary 
  • 6th Presentation. Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Vratsa. Bulgaria 
  • 7th Presentation. European Greenways Association. Belgium 

Overall Project review Presentation. 

The session started with the review of project’s objectives and listing the 6 policy instruments adressed.

During Phase 2 (Semester 6 to semester 9) will take place the implementation and monitoring period of the Actions Plans.

The importance of the creation of the Stakeholders Working Group (SWG) in each region is pointed in order to be able to exchange knowledge among regions.

The overall review ends indicating the main project’s outputs (improvement of 6 policy instruments were 18 BPs were identified) and the way to maintain the durability of results through stakeholders thanks to the involvement of Managing authorities of the policy instrument since the begining of the Project and the importance of cooperation with these authorities and relevant stakeholders. 

The session closes with the intervention of Kristian Kamplade - Project representative- from ITREM, who communicates a change in the leadership of the Project. Due to ITREM is a public organism integrated in the Autonomous Community of Murcia Region it has been decided that the leadership of the Project will be carry out directly by CARM as to be able to integrate in the project different departments and provide the strategic approach required so the project would be assumed by the Regional Ministry of Presidency. On the side of the partners, there was not opposition to that change.