Yesterday, took place in Murcia (Spain) the first stakeholder group meeting of the Interreg Europe Project Our Way: Conservation and promotion of cultural and natural heritage through the Greenways Region of Murcia".

 In this meeting the lead partner explained to the regional partners all the goals the project seeks to achive, the road map an procedures, and the feedback and benefits they might obtain.

 The main objective of the project is to contribute to the conservation, protection, promotion and development of the natural and cultural heritage in Europe, improving the political instruments related to the cultural and natural quality of the territories involved, including tools for their management and developing specific measures for its promotion and development.

 Among the regional partners that attended the meeting were representatives of the DG of European Funds, DG of the Natural Environment, Consortium of the greenways of the Region of Murcia, Universities or Associations (Environment, sports, tourism ... ).

 All the participants showed great deal of interest and bring about interesting ideas based on their experience and developed their point of view on good practices concerning greenways in the Region of Murcia and also debated and shared issues about it.

 From now on a working group is established to work and share good practices.