I am glad to welcome another Good Practices in the team of these lucky examples that were accepted by Police Expert and published in the general Policy Learning Platform GP database.

1. Bulgarian Vratsa Software Community for digital industry developing

            Photo: pixabay

Started with Reach for Change –Bulgaria grant, Vratsa Software Community gained success because of the approach towards solving the problem with youth fluctuation in the region by building community, raising awareness and training students and adults with an opportunity to start a new job in the digital industry. Attracting the support of the local government, district administration and civil society organizations, the initiative become very popular among the wide public, which made VSC develop annual program with Coding courses( 9month trainings), Digital marketing, awareness-raising events- Code week, competitions, conferences; hackathons for students and adults; Attracting digital companies to open branches in Vratsa and the region and hire qualified young people, opening co-working space, networking, membership in BESCO, interaction with regional stakeholders and structuring Digital agenda for the district- Digital Hub, digital capability for services for startups, involving the local startup community in changing the mindsets and changing the policy for youths employment.

2. RINKER CENTER-Mentoring and ongoing support of social and traditional start-ups and SMEs - also from Bulgaria

Rinker’s Challenge is an accelerator program that combines modular training, mentorship and financial support. The top-performing entrepreneurs receive a grant of up to BGN 20,000 and one-year support from mentors. The challenge is on a yearly basis and so far we have 5 seasons + a few additional specific accelerator programs. We aim to stimulate the development of an ecosystem of sustainable start-ups. The support program is constantly improved to respond to the practical needs of the participants, aiming to help them gain the necessary knowledge and know-how related to the successful setup and management of their business ventures.

3. Slovenian  CEED Grow program

                    Photo: pixabay

What is different in CEED Grow program is that all mentors in it are successful entrepreneur owning companies with several employees active both on domestic and international markets. These mentors can share their first hand experiences not only on how to start a business but also on how to grow, how to develop, how to lead employees and how to reach global markets. In CEED Grow program there are barely any lectures and workshops. The main aim of the program is to develop community that helps among each other with sharing sessions, supporting activities and providing inspiration for overcoming challenges and future learning and growth.

For now, I am really glad to announce that little success. Follow this article to get more info when new GPs become approved. Congrats to Bulgarian and Slovenian Partners for a pice of such a good work.