I hope you already have register to the EU Regions and Cities Week. If you haven't done it yet, hurry up because it's only 10 days left when the registration is closed.

Today, I'd like to present you oe startup from Bulgaria that is worth attention. NitroPack is a really great tool that may be useful to SEO.  As I work with ouc project's communication, it caught my atention too.


NitroPack offers a cloud-based performance optimization tool for website speeding up. Unlike other tools, it's possible to use  this service to speed up  websites no matter what CMS system you are using. Free services which are available are:

  • Amazon CloudFront CDN that automatically serves static assets from a CDN based on Amazon’s CloudFront service;
  • Image Optimization optimize all of images automatically and convert them to WebP form;
  • Cache Warmup that keeps most important pages optimized all the time.

NitroPack isn't only a WordPress plugin, it’s a cloud-based optimization platform. It indeed comes with a WordPress plugin for installation and configuration if you are on WordPress.