Do you think it is possible to join together oldschool and innovation? Sometimes it may seem to be pretty diffucult, but today I'd like to te; you something about Slovenian startup that has a great idea to do so. Meet the MAG-LEV Audio.


Have you ever listened to vinyl discs with the use of turtable? Well, the Slovenian startup that I mentioned before, has found the great solution. They invented levitating turntable. Does it seem to be impossible? Yes, I guess so - it seems to be really impossible but they did it.

The MAG-LEV Audio turntable is supposed to use the phenomenon of magnetic levitation, keeping the platter and the record played on it - suspended in the air. A similar solution is used, for example, in bluetooth speakers, but in the case of a turntable it is structurally much more challenging and makes quite an impression.

The playback speed is 33.3 or 45 rpm and is digitally controlled using a knob on the housing. When the device is turned on, the supports holding the platter retract automatically, and when the arm is lowered, they return to their original position. The turntable is also equipped with an UPS, thanks to which the record will not be damaged in the event of a sudden power failure.

The MAG-LEV is a semi-automatic device, and its arm rises every time the vinyl recording is over. The benefits of using the levitation mechanism have a significant impact on the quality of playback - the lack of physical contact with components is to minimize micro-vibrations and disturbances, and also ensure quieter operation of the rotary mechanism.

An interesting fact is that funds for the implementation of the project were collected on the KICKSTARTER platform. During the campaign, they raised $ 552,178 of the $ 300,000 planned for the project.

I definitely would love to listen to the music with such a turntable.