“I you have contacts you have contracts” once said prominent Slovenian businessman. In just couple of months, COVID – 19 pandemics totally changed perspective of our world. Many contacts were lost, many international business opportunities remained somewhere in “online cloud”. But we shouldn’t remain passive in those difficult and unpredictable times. For many agile SMEs this crisis could also mean new opportunities and new beginnings. And some new contacts from business people from different industries and different countries can be a huge help in that.


Domestic and international networking can be hard these days. Many events were canceled and many of them, were moved to online world where experience is just not the same.

That is why also this year, regional development agencies from all over Slovenia are organizing biggest international business networking event in Slovenia, SEEMEET 2020. Over the past three years more then 400 companies, from 25 different countries participated in this event. Many new contacts and new business opportunities emerged on this event. Also our Project Partner from Slovania is co-organizer of this important event.

As They say: "We are prepared and ready for many different scenarios. We are working toward face to face event since we believe best meetings and best networking opportunities happens on that way. On the other hand, we are also ready for hybrid or online event, depends on the epidemiological situation with COVID – 19 in autumn. Safety and health of our participants will be our priority and our highest concern."    

Check out more on http://www.seemeet.si/, and secure your place on this unique event.