I'd like to present you one of the Bulgarian startups that is worth paying attention to in 2020.

Transmetrics uses Big Data and predictive analytics for the freight transport industry. Their products include data cleansing, advanced forecasting, predictive optimization, and performance control modules to help companies optimize their operations. Transmetrics works with many of the world's leading logistics companies.


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

The idea for Transmetrics was born in 2012 during one of the transport conferences in the cargo industry. Most of the companies in this field had a clear problem of inefficient use of production capacity. So it was decided to do something about it. The solution was tested with a solution in mind, and when it was successful, a new company was founded - Transmetrics. In 2013, the idea was turned into a product. All founders complemented each other.

In their offer, you may find, for example NetMetrics. It is a predictive planning tool designed specifically for express, parcel, pallet and groupage shipments. Artificial intelligence-based software forecasts customer demand for origin and destination node pairs one week in advance. Considering all customer requirements and business constraints, NetMetrics suggests the most optimal capacity plan. Further savings are achieved through the timely purchase of capacity, dynamic routing of line connections, efficient combination of "own" and third-party vehicles, as well as one-way and return trips.

In the era of online shopping, that may be a really usefull tool. Visit their website to get more info on their offer.