Well, as you know, many enterprises struggle with some difficulties because of the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. I try to share with you news that are related to us and the fight with the bad influence of the pandemic on entrepreneurship. 


Now, I've heard some good news from Sofia Tech Park. If you follow our activity, you already know that we visited Sofia Tech Park during the Steering Committee meeting that took place in Bulgaria in the 3semester of our project's implementation. Check here, if you want to remind it, or you just didn't have the occasion to check it before. 


Anyway, I told you about some good news. Well, 

Sofia Tech Park is also working in a pandemic situation and is just as strongly impacted by extraordinary circumstances that have had a very direct impact on both small and large companies. The comforting news is the fact that so far none of the companies located in Sofia Tech Pak has decided to end their activities.


Thanks to their resources, they managed to develop packages to help companies both financially and overcome the crisis. This is an opportunity to access more research resources, venture capital, etc.


The laboratories in the Park have not been closed, scientists are still actively working. Within two weeks, scientists found a solution and made a prototype of glasses, which are designed for high-safety medicine and have already been approved for serial production.

Anyway, we all hope that we'll fight the pandemic situation really soon. For now, such information are really important and useful to all of us. Good job guys! Keep it going!