Another gem is being created in the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park "AEROPOLIS". The quality control machine - more accurate and faster than others in the world - was created by Skala-Tech from the Technology Incubator, which is located in AEROPOLIS.


A small team of engineers and programmers offers the world solutions that confirm the significant research and development capabilities of Polish companies. Skala-Tech deals with automated quality control systems (vision systems based on image analysis, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence).

The company deals with precise systems that can replace coordinate measuring machines. These machines also measure with high precision but need much more time for this. Thanks to the methods used by the startup from AEROPOLIS, the measurement takes a few seconds and can be implemented on technological lines, where every thousandth piece is checked, but in this case each of them will be measured.


We all know that today high quality, low price, very high volumes, short lead times, and enormous flexibility are expected. This cannot be achieved without automation. In order to rule out mistakes, especially in such industries as aviation or automotive, machines are replaced by human quality control. The founder of Skala-Tech has been dealing with quality control systems for over 20 years. He wrote programs and design solutions for clients from all over the world. Also from Podkarpacie. He worked, among others for Huta Stalowa Wola, for the implementation of non-destructive testing of the barrels of the Krab howitzers for the detection of microcracks. Six years ago he decided to move from Silesia to Podkarpacie. And here to develop the company. First with a partner, and for a year on his own.

We are proud to show you today what can make a difference around the world. Good luck guyrs with your future ideas.