Do you remember our Good practice - Start in Podkarpackie?Lots of them are gaining a success on the startup scene. 57 of startups incubated since the beginning of 2019, have already finished incubation phase. 16 of them have also received fundf from Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. For now, the third group of startups, is starting the incubation.

Photo by ParkCash

ParkCash, is a company with its headquarter in the Technology Incubator in Jasionka, near Rzeszow. This company has received about 750 PLN thousand from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. They offer a sollution for parking in crowded centers of big cities. The first idea, was that it was possible to rent a parking place from private owners, but at the final, it was changed and modified. Now, they try to share parking space belnging to huge office buildings. During the Covid-19 pandemic, that was really valued solution by managers. That was the time, when lots of employees used to work remotely, and the spaces were just empty so that was the occassion to earn some money for its renting.

It's a sollution that works in the whole area of Poland and now, they are at the final stage of signing of the agreement with the owner of one of the biggest office buildings in Wroclaw. This year, they want to gain 60 clients to get a stable income.  As they needed financial support, they started incubation as the part of StartiPodkarpackie and here they are - one of the platform diamonds.