Well, as the fifth semester of our project's implementation is running, also actitivies taken for that are moving forward. For now, I'd like to share with you our little succes. Till now, three of our Good practices have been accepted by thematic expert of Interreg Europe and published on the Policy Learning platform.

1. Norwegian - hoppid.no. 

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hoppid.no is the first line service system which provides advice, network and courses for the entrepreneurs in the region. hoppid.no have 30 offices in the municipalities. The municipalities are very different, and vary from rural to urban settlement. The development of the digital tool was initiated because of the different level of quality provided in the first line service system in the region. The County Council developed a project to innovate hoppid.no, as an answer to this difficulty, to increase the level of quality. With a digital tool, which includes online training and guidance, online communication with advisors, available experts in the online service, and concrete actions towards developing a business plan, we aim to make the start-up service equal in quality. The different advisors at the hoppid.no offices are all going through training in using the digital tool, in their meetings and communication with the start-ups. Another difficulty, is linked to the limited resources the advisors have working with the start-ups. This is met by the use of the digital tool in addition to the time the start-up get with their advisor. The goal is that the time spent on advising the entrepreneur, will be more efficient. Saved time can be used to prepare the start-up for growth, instead of just answering questions about the formalities about starting new business. The stakeholders and beneficiaries are the advisors and the start-ups, together with the providers of the hoppid.no

2. Polish Start in Podkarpackie.

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The objective is to help accelerated startups with MVP creation process and first market tests through customized mentoring paths. Because the level of technology readiness level of incubated startups is different, the whole program is so flexible that if some hours/money was not used by one startup it can be transferred to the startup which is lower in readiness level of incubation. The project is directed to natural persons who have an idea for a business related to the aviation, automotive, IT or construction industries. There are no age restrictions. The condition is the need for the originator and his team to establish a capital company in the voivodships of Eastern Poland. institutions taking part in the project are institutions dealing with business and science.

3. Spanish Granada Empresas.

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The province of Granada is characterised by having a low level of entrepreneurial culture as well as a poor survival rate for start-ups. Furthermore, its territory covers 174 municipalities and more than 30 local entities. There are 912.075 inhabitants in 2018 and nearly 78% of the municipalities have less than 5.000 inhabitants. www.granadaempresas.es was created as a response to the growing need to articulate specific actions in promotion of entrepreneurial culture, to support the creation of new companies and the consolidation of existing entrepreneurial initiatives in a rural area. That way, the Service for Promotion and Consolidation of Enterprises of the County Council of Granada offers its services to all local entities in the province in order to provide them the technological and technical infrastructure to answer to the needs and demands of entrepreneurs and enterprises in our province. This Service of Enterprises provides to each City Hall a Web Platform which can be linked to the City Hall web, in order to allow the access and utilisation of tools and resources to assist technically all stages of creation and consolidation of new companies. This technology platform offers two possibilities to City Halls in relation to the way that Granada County Council can provide them technical assistance: either it is provided directly to entrepreneurs and enterprises or it is directed to the staff designated by the entity for assisting business projects in their territory.

We're so glad to share with you this news. Do these practices look interesting to you? Seek for them in the PLP Good Practice section. We're also keeping our fingers crossed for the rest og GP waiting for its approval.