Startuppers from Polish startup scene are willingly working to find solution helping fighting with COVID-19 and limit pandemic negative influence on social life. I am sure you rememeber our Good Practice - Start in Podkarpackie. There's also another HUB of this type - Unicorn HUB that is located in Lublin. This platform works with ideas in the ICT, Health TECH and public health areas.


Photo: pixabay

Selected innovative enterprises have a chance for a grant of up to PLN 1,000,000 to launch a product or service on the market, or to raise the capital of private investors. As part of the Unicorn Hub Platform, start-ups will undergo an incubation program lasting up to four months, having at their disposal a wide package of basic services (including providing organizational support, work space, mentoring, accounting services, legal services, tax consulting, basic marketing support and access to workshops in the field of public speaking, preparation of presentations for pitching sessions) and a wide package of specialist services (including refining business models, verification of ideas, financing options and development services necessary to develop MVP).

The great news, ist that one of startups incubated in this hub, developed the cabin that will be very useful to fight with COVID-19 pandemic. Up to 300 people per hour can disinfect a cabin placed on the Polish market by the Polish startup, Celius. Before disinfection, the cabin will automatically measure the temperature, scan the face of the person entering and carry out the decontamination process. This is an excellent solution, among others, for shopping malls, hotels, hospitals or schools, wanting to protect themselves against the harmful effects of coronavirus. Startup Celius (also dealing with the development of a platform for crisis management in companies) and currently introducing a disinfection cabin for sale to the Polish market, is a participant in the incubation program at Unicorn Hub as part of the Startup Platform for Eastern Poland created by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The Polish startup Celius offers 3 versions of cabins, depending on the needs of companies and institutions, as well as the volume of traffic. Before the disinfection process begins, the cabin automatically scans the human face via microwaves, measures the temperature by analyzing the thermal image and has the ability to save facial features of the examined person. If a person has a clearly elevated body temperature, the device activates an audible alarm and the Polish voice command informs about the elevated temperature. Everything happens automatically and commands informing about the entire process are issued in Polish. If the temperature is normal, the test person goes to the disinfection part of the device through the lock.

The first cabin imported to Poland began testing work at the Holiday INN hotel in Józefów near Warsaw. Hotel employees and former operators of Polish special formations specialized in chemical and biological safety from Alpha One were one of the first people testing the disinfection device.