Rzeszów Regional Development Agency reduces by 40 percent rentals and fees for entrepreneurs from the Aeropolis Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park. Enterprises from the technology park cooperate with companies around the world and the decline in orders, caused by a pandemic, is very severe for them. Therefore, the President of the Company made the decision on the aforementioned action.


The decision taken by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency was preceded by applications from entrepreneurs renting offices and halls in the Aeropolis Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park. Already in March, at the beginning of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, as much as 70 percent in the survey. of them reported concerns about loss of liquidity. About 30 percent planned to reduce the employment rate.

A total of 66 companies may benefit from this assistance, including 56 renting halls and offices in the Technology Incubator Complex in Jasionka and 10 using the building of the Academic Pre-incubator in Rzeszów.

The reduction applies to lease and other contracts (including incubations), the subject of which is the rental or lease of premises. The possible discount is 40 percent. in relation to the value specified in the contracts. The discount will be granted to the entrepreneur who submits a correctly completed application together with obligatory attachments and shows a decrease in business turnover.


The decrease in sales of goods or services in quantitative or valuable terms is taken into account. The decrease can be demonstrated in two ways: comparing any two months of 2020 to the corresponding two months in the previous year (the discount applies if the drop in turnover is at least 15%) or comparing one any month from 2020 to the previous month (the discount applies if the decrease is at least 25%).