As you know, the pandemic situation caused that our life is affected and limited in many areas. Unfortunately, that touches also us a bit. By all of this limitation, we were forced to postpone our meeting in Granada that was planned for 28-29 April 2020. To run our project activities, we decided to conduct this meeting online. The host of the meeting was our project Leader - Malene Aaram Vike from Møre and Romsdal County Council (Norway).


Luckily, all of the partners were able to join the meeting, so that makes that we may say that it was a pretty fruitful meeting. In the beginning, our Lead Partner presented the status of reporting for Semester 3, which we luckily could finish without any difficulties. Then, the Leader presented a general update on the progress of the project, with a focus on scheduled activities and milestones, due to the current situation with COVID - 19. Project Manager presented three new alternatives for activities in the next semesters.


After this part, we had a chance to hear the presentation about Financial and Communication status and then, all partners reported their activities with stakeholder meetings and shared solutions on how to work with stakeholders during this COVID19 situation. 

For now, we're not stopping or taking a break with our project implementation. Next week, on 15 May 2020 - our stakeholder workshop session is taking place - also online with the use of Microsoft Teams platform.