I've already given you some information about the series of webinars that are run by our Project Partner - WSX Enterprise. I'm so glad to tell you that this series is not going to end yet.


Photo: pixabay


Last Wednesday, the fifth episode was run and the subject of it was social media. I guess we'll agree now that it's a great time to move your business to online channels. Quite interesting guests gave some important tips on how to use and how to manage business social media profiles during the pandemic. Here are sometimes that are important to me:

1. Be active

Why? First of all, users nowadays spend more time on Facebook or LinkedIn, often at different times than before. According to a survey conducted in March in the USA, 63% of Internet users declare that the time they spend on Facebook is increasing.

2. Share the knowledge

Communication in social media is often building your credibility by sharing knowledge. Perhaps there are some things to tell customers about. Try to find topics that may be of particular interest to them. Give lots of information that may be useful to them.

3. Keep your blog up to date

Try to make sure that your posts are not detached from reality, but that they relate directly to the current situation of the environment and your business. Adapt the content of your posts to current activities, not past activities.


It's a good time to try new things. As many social media managers work from home in the current situation, maybe there's a good option to try posting on a different time than usual, maybe you have more time to create some interesting content that in your opinion may bring a wider audience - ty it!

5. Help, tell about your activities

Some companies undertake actions supporting institutions and initiatives related to fighting a pandemic. It's really great. Think about what you can do, do it and say it on social media. Even if it's quite small.

So, these are tips that may be helpful to update and grow your social media activities. Think about it 

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