The theme of the competition is to prepare a presentation about the participant's business or project to start a new business. The winner of the competition will receive the main prize of PLN 10,000 for developing their own business. Neweconomy invites to the competition in cooperation with the Podkarpackie Innovation Center ProtoLab as a strategic partner.

Neweconomy is a platform connecting companies at the initial stage of development with people who want to support Polish entrepreneurship. This is a place for those who are aware of risk but are looking for a way to become part of the economic success of the Polish economy. Neweconomy is a combination of classic crowdfunding mechanisms with the possibility of becoming a shareholder of young companies, selfless support, or purchase of products at the prototyping stage.


Photo: pixabay

The main idea of ProtoLab is to create opportunities for students and researchers to develop and learn by experimenting with interdisciplinary teams. By joining the ProtoLab community you can get free access to the entire building, all you have to do is register. The ProtoLab can be used by, among other startup creators, enterprises, universities, students. Workshops are available to those willing to build prototypes, including virtual reality, electronics and computer lab, tool workshop.

There are no restrictions in the form of a competition entry. Any manifestation of creative activity can be a project. The deadline for submitting projects is Thursday, April 30, 2020.

More info for Polish competitors here.