We all know the current world situation. As I wrote before, many companies decided or still are making decisions about changing the way they work. First of all, lots of companies start to allow their employees to work from home. Of course, we all know, there are some pros and cons to that.

I already presented you with some tools/applications that may be used to make remote work easier. This article you may find HERE

Currently, Our Project Partner from UK - WSX Enterprise, is running a series of Webinars titled "Adaptingwthdigital". As the organizers write: "This series of webinars are here to help; to keep you connected online, to keep you interacting with your customers and keeping you and your business running whilst adapting and innovating in new ways of working as well as spreading a little joy!" Yesterday, the first episode took place, and I was lucky to attend this webinar.

During the meeting, a digital expert from WSX presented interesting tools that also may be helpful to work from home. Some of them, I actually presented in my previous article, so let me highlight the ones that I haven't mentioned before:


t is an efficient and easy-to-use platform that interacts with everything that takes place in business and acts as a central node. It allows its users to do everything they need. With this tool, you can create project plans to which you can later assign individual employees. This platform is full of features, and soon there will be even more. Some of those that make it the best possible choice is: assigning comments, managing comments, filtering by status, assigning people to specific tasks, cooperation detection, picture models showing people assigned to a task, comments related to threads, managing multiple tasks, extensive editing function, tabs, three types of previews, default status, machine learning, editing comments, clear notifications, mobile applications, calendar, Gantt chart, intelligent search, drag and drop reordering, references, activity stream, default notifications, hierarchy, percentage measured progress, preview window, handy table preview, priorities, simple statuses and much more.


Book Like a Boss

Well, I guess that was the platform that interested me the most in this webinar. As they mention, it's a great tool for Freelancers, Side-Hustlers, Solopreneurs, and pretty much anyone that sells services and/or has meetings. Coaches, Therapists, Marketers, Designers. Shortly speaking, I guess for everyone who needs to book a meeting. This is the Ultimate Software to Book Appointments and Sell Services that cooperates with such apps like Mailchimp, Zoom, Stripe, Square, Zapier and more. In the beginning, they offer a 2-weeks free trial. After that time, the price of using is only $9.00/month/user. I guess that may be really useful tool. Does anyone use it?



Bookafy is a platform quite similar to above mentioned Book Like a Boss. The tool is mostly addressed to Appointment based businesses including Sales organizations, Education, Counseling, Churches, Wellness (massage, chiropractic, etc), Home Services (carpet cleaning, window washing, etc), Spas & Salon and lots of organizations of this area are using this tool nowadays. 


So, at the end let me give you some more details about the event. As I wrote, this is a series of webinars and the first of them took place on 25 March 2020in Zoom. The second webinar is taking place tomorrow at 11:00 English time. 

More info here: bit.ly/2vOJIE3