We all know the situation that is taking place right now. That's a good time to prove that digitalization and innovation, may be even a rescue. Many companies now are starting to use the system of remote work. Let me present you few tools, that may be used for that:


It allows employees to stay in touch. The application allows you to send messages, make voice and video calls, share screens between devices and transfer photos, small video files, and PDF files. The best part is that it allows the user to belong to different workspaces in which multiple channels and other subgroups can be created.

Microsoft Office 365

It is a fully integrated tool that automatically saves all documents and sends them to the cloud. You don't have to use dozens of different applications, transfer data from one service to another, and look for which application lost an important message.

Office 365 has everything you need for remote work:

  • Access to files from any tool and from anywhere;
  • The possibility of working in several people on one document;
  • Correspondence management and email planning;
  • Communication with colleagues;
  • To-do list and project management.



Zendesk is a service already used by even the largest companies (Tesco, AirB & B, Uber, Stanley Black & Decker). The application provides comprehensive customer service. This includes chatting the client with a consultant in real time, handling call centers or providing advice on service and contact.



It is a tool that perfectly helps to organize both independent work and multi-person projects. Boards allow you to work on many projects at the same time, and changes that are made on public boards are visible to everyone who has access to them. Trello helps not to forget about any of the important things that are planned to do.

G suite

It is a comprehensive package of tools such as applications facilitating communication (e.g. Gmail), creativity (e.g. Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides), availability (Google Drive) and control (e.g. Vault). This set of services allows you to work from every corner of the globe and the ability to face any problem that may occur at work.


In my opinion, these are 5 the most interesting and complex applications allowing us to provide remote work effectively.