We all know the situation that the world is facing nowadays. I suppose there's no person who hasn't heard about the novel coronavirus -SARS-CoV-2 as it's spreading all over the world so fast. On 10 March 2020 WHO announced that it's a pandemic of this decade.

We've just received an article from our Bulgarian partner - maybe the cure for that will be developed soon. The Bulgarian startup - Micar21 - announced a few days ago, that they discovered important drug molecules and are pretty close to developing the treatment for Covid-19. I hope they'll achieve that goal pretty soon.

Let me write a few words about the startup itself. Micar21 started its operation in 2016 and its headquarter is placed in Sofia, Bulgaria. Micar Innovation is a drug discovery factory. The company creates a large societal impact by improving the quality of life through new blockbuster drug molecules for a large class of diseases.

As the situation with the coronavirus from Wuhan started to be serious, they started working on the molecule to fight this type of virus either. After some time of work, they discovered the drug molecule that may be the cure for coronavirus. The discovery may accelerate the development of a drug that not only prevents or covers the symptoms of COVID-19 but also heals the disease as it targets the root cause.  To get more detailed info about their work and its actual results, read this article.

I hope they'll get the effective result soon and become the world's hero.