On 28 february 2020, a big conference titled "Dotacje na innowacje", took place in Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park - AEROPOLIS.


The conference presented the possibilities of obtaining funding for the development of the enterprise in 2020. Specialists invited by the organizer and current entrepreneurs shared their knowledge about the sources of subsidies and the conditions that must be met to obtain them. One of the speakers was a representative from the National Center for Research and Development, who talked about how the company supports entrepreneurs, what is the schedule of competitions for innovative projects and what conditions must be met to obtain a grant.


At the conference, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn what lies behind the concepts of industrial research, development and pre-implementation work.


EU subsidies for entrepreneurs depend on the innovation of products or services. And an opinion on innovation is required for each grant application. It is its important element. That is why a lot of space at the conference was devoted to innovation.