On 12 February 2020, the Wednesday Innovation Night was organized by Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji in Rzeszow. The event took place in their headquarter.


During this event, quite important aspects regarding startups and innovation were discussed. Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (Polish Partner of the OSS Project) was also the co-organizer of it. At the beginning, the representative of Start in Podkarpackie (Polish GP) presented all assumpions and best ideas of the Start in Podkarpackie platform. He also mentioned some information about the importance of our Project to upgrade regional policy and make it better for startuppers.

The representative of Simpact VC had a chance to give the most important information about their company's activity. Simpact VC is the first venture capital fund in Poland. The company's mission is to scale new technological innovations that effectively solve major social and environmental problems in a financially sustainable way. (Their website: simpact.vc)

The CEO of HugeTech Ltd. presented some predicions about future situation of startups in Poland during 2020 year. It is a company that supports startups from creation to implementation. It connects technological projects with corporations, what enables innovative solutions to enter the market. (Website: hugetech.pl)

There was also the discussion panel, on the subject of getting funds for startups development. the discussion was made by representatives of Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, HugeTech, Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji and Simpact VC.