I'm really glad to have the possibility to share with you the fresh news from Bulgarian Partner.

The total value of the awards was BGN 25,000, and was divided among 4 projects. The final of the third edition of the Academy of Local Entrepreneurs took place on January 30, 2020. The main prize of BGN 10,000 and an annual mentoring was given to the company "Atanas and family". It is a family company in the city of Harmanli that revives the centuries-old tradition of producing tahini. It is a sesame-based paste used to prepare many dishes. Sesame, hazelnut, almonds - it's not just nuts, but the ingredients to create useful "liquid chocolate" that is rich in minerals, healthy fats, strength and energy. Sofia Neicheva and Pavel Trudev, brother and sister, prepare all kinds of nut serum in such a way that it retains its nutrients, and thanks to the old technology, through "double milling" between millstones, their father Atanas creates the delicate creamy consistency of delicious tahini.

BGN 5000 prize money and annual mentoring fell into the hands of Ilian Petrov and Nikifor Nikiforov. Their start-up company, Starsides, based in Blagoevgrad, produces face and body cosmetics made from natural oils to help people care for their skin. At the same time, they want to promote the idea of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle and encourage consumers to consciously use organic products and protect the environment.

Kamen Flowers is a flower production and sale project based in Chasków in the village of Oreshnik. Thanks to her, author Kamen Bakardzhiev proves to himself and his peers that life in an abandoned Bulgarian village is possible and good for young and ambitious people who value their roots and bond with the earth. Started three years ago as market research and test sales on the Internet, the project is ready for the next phase.

Congratulations to all of you and I hope that we'll be able to hear more about you soon.

Good luck!