It's amazing to me, that startups act in almost all areas of our live and try to make it easier and better.

Let me present you the startup from our Rzeszow area, that was opened in 2019 (it's one of the youngest children of our region) - Moje Przedszkole.

It is a very easy to use management system for nurseries and kindergartens. First of all, it allows easy control of attendance, payments, catering and simplifies contact with parents. Parents, using the above-mentioned system, have the opportunity to report absences of their children online, sending them notifications by persons managing the facility or a chat and internal forum for parents. The application is mainly directed to people managing kindergartens and nurseries: owners, managers, teachers acting as managers. The creators of the application are parents who are also passionate about programming. The tool is created from scratch in consultation with the owners of kindergarten and nurseries networks to simplify management and the convenience of using the application.

More info for interested: