So, last time I presented you Salesbook - Polish startup which was the winner of the 9th edition of Wolves Summit which took place in 2019. Now, let me give you some information on the winner of the 8th edition of this amazing event - CRASSULA.

What exactly this CRASSULA is?

As they say on their own: "Crassula is an ecosystem in which companies of any sizes and shapes can launch their payment solutions within several days and with very low budgets." It is the startup in the sector of FinTech and Banking and Legal.

The main assumption of Crassula is to enable the use of cryptocurrencies to make daily payments by both users and traders. It is an international platform that is connected with alternative methods both online and offline around the world in many currencies. In addition, Crassula provides intelligent solutions for promotional campaigns, provides discount codes and gift codes, and enables the creation of virtual currencies, etc. Startup provides 3 products: Crassula Wallet, Crassula Pay and Crassula Open.

1) Crassula Wallet is a tool that allows you to buy, store, send and issue cryptocurrency for daily payments, and allows you to perform the most ordinary operations, such as, for example, international transfers.

2) Crassula Pay allows you to accept leading cryptocurrencies online and at retail outlets. The use of Lightning Network Technology ensures that the transaction will be carried out quickly and ensure low fees.

3) Crassula Open allows you to create personalized White Label wallets or payment systems, loyalty programs, netting systems, etc.

For me, the idea of this startup looks interesting and I guess it's really helpfull tool. Do you all agree with me?

If you're interested with this product, visit their website: