As I've already presented you the idea of The Wolves Summit, let me tell you something the winner of the 9th edition of The Great Pitch, which is directly connected to the Wolves Summit event:


If you're a person that works in the area of sales - this tool is certainly for you. The main task of Salesbook is to simplify the lives of sales people who spend long hours preparing presentations and offers, or describing the entire working day in the CRM system. The application works best in B2B and B2C sales, especially in mobile sales channels (sales representatives, sales engineers) or stationary sales (showrooms, sales offices, stands at fairs and conferences). The application works both as a tool designed for the salesman, as well as a control and analytical application for the manager.

The salesman uses application on the tablet and is able to take it whenever and wherever he goes for the meeting with the client. The version for manager is available on the PC desktop. By using the tool, the salesman is able to construct the offer during the meeting and finally send it to the customer. Such an easy course is possible thanks to all the information contained in the application cloud (photos, videos, customer preferences).

What can we be proud of?

This startup comes from Rzeszów!

We're glad that such amazing startups work in our area :)

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