Renderro is a startup developing a cloud space with large storage and high performance that helps filmmakers, animators, graphic designers, engineers and architects to store their work. Technology is the answer, among others on the problem of expensive and bulky computers needed to work with video materials. In addition to Renderro, Czech Whalebone, Slovak Virtual Everything and Hungarian H4 also qualified for the program.

You can use Renderro on each platform you like (Mac/PC, laptops, tablets and mobile).Using Renderro, creators can do all their work in a cloud environment, connecting through our Platform to their work space. That causes that they don't need professional stationary equpimnet, what makes their work easier and more efficient. They gain access to the platform, the user gains access to data storage (Cloud Storage), specialized software, and the possibility of cooperation with other users. The business model used by the creators is Pay-as-you-go. That means that we pay for it only when we use it. Proces are in the amount of 1, 3, 5 or 10$ per hour for Workspace. The startup was created in Puławy Science and Technology Park. This startup took part in the final stage of Wolves Summit 2019. Moreover. Renderro together with 3 representatives from Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, became one of the most innovative startups of the Visegrad Group in 2019.

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