On 5th December, 2019 - our Slovenian Partner had a chance to meet their regional stakeholder's group to discuss actual the most important aspects of our project implementation.


The meeting was attended as well by mentors and people willing to act in the startup sector. The most important points of the meeting were:

  • Report from a project meeting in the Bulgaria (Vratsa and Sofia) and presentation of good practices in the field of mentorship support for entrepreneurs;
  • Review and identification of good practices in the field of Governance, policy and support (collaboration across levels of government and sectors);
  • Presentation of future project activities and review of works in the third project semester.


They overviewed good practice in and lessons learnt in Bulgaria, and possible takeaways for Slovenia and Gorenjska region. Especially they highlighted 2 good practice examples. First was Vratsa Software Community and their coworking centre in Vratsa Bulgaria. They mentioned, that for Slovenia it may be a great example on how to establish jobs with higher added value for young people also in small rural and post-industrial areas. Slovenian Project manager and the stakeholder, who aso took part in Project meeting in Bulgaria, also highlighted a good practise from Norway on special mentor program for people with migrant background.


The meeting was concluded with some brief overview of our future work and agreement that the next meeting of regional stakeholder group date will be established as soon as possible.