Wolves Summit is an International Conference organized each year in Warsaw. The conference is attended by representatives of TECH startups, investors, representatives of corporations, and programmers from the whole world. It is focused mainly on TECH innovations, and promotes the networking idea. For this year, 2020, the 11th edition of this event is planned for 23-25 March.

The first edition of this amazing event, took place on 14-16 April, 2015 in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. 1356 people from 27 countries took part, including 102 investors, 96 startups and 148 representatives of the corporation. The main prize of The Great Pitch competition was awarded to the Canadian startup Ourotech. The main sponsor's award, which was awarded to SayYeah from Argentina, was also given.

The Great Pitch is a competition that is addressed to startups attending the conference. As part of this competition, selected technology startups can present their ideas, products, services and solutions to other conference participants. From several dozen participants attending the semi-final of the competition, the jury selects 6-7 the most promising of them. These go to the final of the competition, which takes place during the second day of the conference. So far, the prize pool has included financial support and media partnership. One of the key elements of Wolves Summit are networking activities that facilitate establishing business conversations between participants of the event. Unique, well-matched 1: 1 meetings made possible by the matchmaking tool have gained worldwide fame.

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