It's already New Year. I think everybody just finished their party time, so it's time to cleanup.

Why am I writing about that?

Because I'd like to present you one of startups that may be helpful this time. unfortunately, they don't offer their services in the Podkarpackie region, but maybe in the future, they will extend theior activity also to Podkaprackie Voivodeship.

               is a startup that offers cleaning services in the area of Kraków, Wrocław and Warszawa cities, in Poland. The co-funder of this startup is also the co-funder of Kerris Group which creates websites, shops and applications and successfully promotes it. But it's not the subject of this article. Pocamiatane - that's the hero of it., is a digital platform, where you can find people who will... clean your house. Yes that's right!

How does it work? Just write your Post Code in the application and find a cleaner that is near you. That action may take you even less than a minute and your problem with cleaning will be solved. Next, just pay online for the service. You may do it by using your credit card or just by bank transfer with the use of Przelewy24 online system. Of course, for each service, you'll get an invoice. And finally, the one person that you choose, will just come to you and clean your house and you can just take a rest.

It's a pitty that they don't operate in our area. :(

Of course, to get more info, always feel free to visit their website. The address is really easy to remember:)