The 3rd local meeting with stakeholders in Granada (Spain), took place on 26 November, 2019. The two maoin objectives of this meeting was: to present the conclusions of the SWOT analysis of the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the province of Granada to the local stakeholders regarding specifically:


  • Factors for entrepreneurship (supply and demand of support services as well as the aspects which have influence in the entrepreneurship development;
  • Summary of the SWOT analysis through a summary-table which shows the Strenghts-Weaknesses- Opportunities and Threats of Granadian local ecosystem for the first line entrepreneurs;
  • To present some proposals for the improvement of the ecosystem.

The second objective that we may present, was to give to stakeholders information about the subject of the next meeting ““Governance of support systems for new companies at all levels of government and sectors” that will take place in Granada in April, 2020.