Crafts Code is an Interreg Europe project and the acronym for Creative Actions For Tailoring Smes’ Competitive Development.

The project aims to make craft SMEs more competitive through policy learning and capacity building upgrade and it will improve the delivery of regional policies targeting this sector.


The overall objective is to improve the SMEs competitiveness in crafts sector by developing a framework stimulating policy learning and capacity building activities with the contribution of all stakeholders involved and improving the implementation of regional development policies and programs, supporting handicrafts SMEs in all stages of their lifecycle to develop and achieve growth and engage in innovation.

The partnership is a virtual mixture of municipalities, national agencies for development of crafts sector, business support organizations, linked with local crafts ecosystems and two universities specialized in combining the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of their regions with international innovative awareness, languages and culture.


The objectives of the OSS-project and the temporary outcomes of it were disseminated during the Crafts Code kick-off meeting in Firenze. The best practices of the OSS-project can inspire the partners and stakeholders of the Crafts Code project and vice-versa. It will be a very interesting journey.