The ARED - our Project Partner - implements also another project financed with the sources of Balkan-Mediterranean Programme. The project is called "BALKANET".

The goal of the project is to answer to some of needs of the target areas: optimize the role of a key local activity for example like agro-food sector; face  the actual socioeconomical frame, conditioned by high unemployment rates, especially regarding young people; to increase SME's competitiveness with special reference to sustainable innovative models. The project produces some relevant outputs connected to the following three specific objectives:
1) Identifying, analyzing and sharing of existing agro-food best practices and innovative business models valorisation in the BMP area;
2) Transanational Cooperation Network between public/private research centers and local enterprises in order to improve SME's efficienty and adjustment capacity, with particular reference to the improvment of young innovators skills and business competences;
3) Raising awareness, transferring knowledge and fostering common understanding about the importance of sustainable business innovations in agro-food sector of BMP area.

The Balkanet project meeting in Tirana- 31.10.2019- OSS project was presented and some short discussion about the synergy between the two projects that ARED implementing was held. The Good practices from OSS will be useful for elaboration of e-Guidebook for innovative start-ups in the agro-food sector as well as digital solutions shared in Aldershot thematic meeting are relevant to the idea to be improved the Balkanet platform for start-up services.