As I mentioned some time ago, on 25 and 26 October, 2019 - the event for game developers took place in Aeropolis, Jasionka. The event that I'm writing about it's the Game Jam. Of course, I was there as the subject of this event is Quite similar to the subject our project. So, let me give you some news about that.

Game jam is a kind of hackathon, bringing together game designers to plan, design and create one (or more) games in the shortest possible time. The time interval is usually 24 to 72 hours. Participants are usually programmers, designers, artists and people associated with the broadly understood computer games industry. In this event, its participants had a chance to develop games during 24 hours. The winner had a chance to open famous Jam Pot. Its organizers gave 3 prizes - 1 Place - 5000 PLN, 2 Place - 2000 PLN, 3 Place - 500 PLN. Developers had a challenge to create game that suits to the guidlines:

  • Free 2 Play,
  • Retro Game,
  • Save Mother Nature,
  • Simulator,
  • Time Control.

Additionaly, participants gained extra points for adding to their game elements directly related to the Podkarpackie region.

The main organizer of the event organized in our area, was Prime Bit Games S.A.As they say, is an independent designer, creator and publisher of mobile, computer, console and browser games. The company also provides services in the field of porting, co-development, graphic design and custom games. They are the winners of awards, including Laur Eksperta 2016, Innovator of Podkarpacie 2016, but also held high places in international technology and business competitions, e.g. ImagineCup or ImPuls Do Biznesu.

The gold partner of the event was Google for startups. The vent was honored by attendance of its representative from Campus in Warsaw. It is a program launched by Google in 2011. Google for Startups is a global department of the company that supports business development and international expansion around the world, provides startups with knowledge about Google technologies, as well as runs acceleration programs and works with mentors, investors and entrepreneurial communities. Google for Startups initiatives are carried out in over 125 countries and include joint activities with over 50 incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.


The other partner of the event, was HABBY. Have you ever played, such games as Archero, Penguin Isle, Slidey Block Puzzle, or Flaming Core? These games are available in Google Play section and are published by Habby.


In the group of partners we can also include (for example) Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (OSS Project Partner), Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji, FinTech, Rzeszow University of Technology, Sensi Hemp, or Red Bull. But that's not the end of partner's list.


As I mentioned before, attendants had 24 hours to develop a game. the competition was really interesting and all of them put a huge effort to achieve the goal. Many interesting products have been developed during that competition. I have my own favourites. I am also very impressed with the level of attendant's creativity. good job to everyone, and best congrats for winners. I hope that soon your products will be officially published and I'll be able to present it here.