Do you remember the first Good Practice from Bulgaria, that was presented during the meeting UK - Vratsa Software Community?

We've got some great news for you!

After long time of hard and intensive work - finaly they achieved it! THE NEST has been opened in Vratsa, Bulgaria. The official event took place on 10 October, 2019.


What exactly that NEST is?

It's a coworking space which goal is to gather around 25 of the local tech professionals, small-company teams, etc.


The idea of creation of this place is to allow freelancers from the whole Bulgaria and the whole European continent, to visit Vratsa  and have the option to work for a week or two. That is also a huge step to have a modern space that will allow to develop and grow the digital community in Vratsa.


The space will be used during events on a variety of topics - from knowledge sharing to innovation and entrepreneurship. Its design will also allow the external organization to use this space for external purposes.

By renting a space in the NEST, the price includes, for example:
    Private locker
    Call room/meeting room
    Water dispenser
    Discount for event space
    Printer and scanner bundle
    Relax zone
    Free coffee and tea.

As a Project which aims to improve policies for startups, we're so happy that also Vratsa has now the option to grow their startups scene thanks to availability of such a nice place.

Good work guys!

Keep going!