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Now, I'd like to tell you something about VET Excellence Awards.

VET Excellence Awards is a competition that is part of the European Vocational Skills Week  2019, organized by the European Commission. The fourth European Vocational Skills Week will once again include a Nominees Awards Celebration event. The event will be held in Helsinki on 17 October in the presence of Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility.

Competitors would be awarded in cathegories such as:

  •  European Alliance for Apprenticeships Awards  - This award aims to identify excellence in supply, quality, image and mobility for apprenticeships. On June 15, 2019, the online voting process was completed. Only members of the "European Alliance for Apprenticeships" could participate.
  • Training at Work Award - This is to highlight good lifelong vocational training practices in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe.
  • International Skills Competitions Award - This category recognizes the exceptional results of a European VET student who achieves the highest points in international skill competitions at World Skills 2019 in Kazan.

Above mentioned cathegories are addressed to companies and learners. These are cathegories for innovators:

  • Innovative VET provider Award - Its aim is to  identify a European VET provider that has contributed to VET excellence through innovative practices.
  • Teacher and Trainer Awards - This competition allows to identify the  VET teacher or trainer who has excelled in improving the VET learning experience or has contributed to innovative approaches to VET learning.
  • VET researchers Award - This competition is, or rather was, addressed to young researchers (up to the age of 35), experienced researchers and intergenerational teams of young and experienced researchers with an outstanding research contribution in the field of diversity and inclusion in VET. 
  • The Entrepreneurial School Awards – TES - This category encourages vocational and academic schools to put more emphasis on teaching entrepreneurial skills as a way to better prepare young people for future work.


The fourth cathegory worth mentioning is European funding for excellence, and here we should mention awards such as:

  • European Social Fund Award - The aim is to highlight the best initiatives and practices in the field of education and training in initial vocational education and training and in lifelong learning.
  • Erasmus+ Awards - that prize is addressed to present success stories within the Strategic Partnership projects in Vocational Education and Training.

The last group of awards is the acthegory of European Agencies Awards:

  • Cedefop Vocational Education and Training Photo Award - This addresses VET learners across the EU. The purpose is to mobilise VET learners throughout Europe to showcase what VET means for them.
  • European Training Foundation (ETF) Entrepreneurship Award - The call for this prize was open to all schools, universities and training centres providing vocational education and training in ETF partner countries.

Now it's worth mentioning, that the technician school, which was presented as an example of Good Practices in Bulgaria, is taking part in this competition.

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